FRITZ!Box Wireless Routers are very popular as they are loaded with features including USB Ports for file and print sharing, 802.11ac WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet and built in SIP Server with Phone ports for migrating your home phone system to VoIP (All features are depending on model).

Compatible Products:
FRITZBox 7330 ADSL / Fibre Wireless Router
FRITZBox 7490 Gigabit 802.11ac ADSL / Fibre Wireless Router

Step 1:
Connect an ethernet cable from port 1 on the FRITZ!Box to your Fibre ONT. Connect your computer to port 2 on the FRITZ!Box.

Step 2:
After the FRITZBox has powered up you should be able to access it from your computer web browser at the url:

Step 3:
Select your language, country and then create a password on the following screens and then Apply Settings.

Step 4:
Navigate to Internet > Account Information and change the following options:
Internet Service Provider: Other Internet Service Provider
Connect Via: External Modem or Router
Operating Mode: Make own connection to the Internet


Step 4 - Continued:
Is account information required: Yes (Only if your ISP requires authentication)
User name: check with your ISP
Password: check with your ISP
Upstream: 999999
Downstream: 999999
Internet connection: Maintain permanently
Use VLAN for Internet access: Yes
VLAN-ID: 10 (check with your ISP 10 is commonly used in NZ with most providers for fibre)
Check the Internet connection after "Apply" has been clicked: Yes
Apply Settings


Step 5:

Navigate to the Overview page and verify your internet is connected.