This article explains how to setup a 2talk Fax number on your Grandstream HT801 ATA to send and receive faxes.

  1. Login to your 2talk account and go to your fax line and click on Faxmail Delivery Options under preferences:
  2. Turn off the Faxmail service to allow for the fax machine to receive faxes the traditional way instead of via email.
  3. Login to your Grandstream HT801 and register your 2talk fax number using the following settings:
    Primary SIP Server:
    SIP User ID: 2talk_fax_number
    Authenticate Password: 2talk_fax_password
  4. Ensure the following settings are configured under the FXS Port tab:
    Disable Call Waiting: Yes
    Disable Call-Waiting Caller ID: Yes
    Disable Call-Waiting Tone: Yes
    Fax Mode: Pass-through
    Set FXS Port --> Use First Matching Vocoder in 200OK SDP: Yes
    Set FXS Port --> Preferred Vocoder Option 1: PCMU
    Re-Invite after Fax Tone Detected: Disabled
    Jitter Buffer: Fixed
    Jitter Buffer Length: High
    Disable Line Echo canceller: Yes
    Disable network echo suppressor: Yes
  5. Apply settings at the bottom of the page and reboot the Grandstream HT801.
  6. Log back into to the HT801 and check that your fax number has registered successfully.
  7. Connect your fax machine to the FXS Port of the HT801.
  8. Start Faxing!